Corona, CA: Interview - Josef Honeder of Husqvarna / R&D Manager

We made it down to the Husqvarna headquarters in Corona, CA yesterday for a lunch date with some big wigs from the Italian based company.

We broke the language barrier over some sandwiches and then made way back to the HQ for a solid interview with the man who signs off on all Research & Development. Basically, this guy knows everything about every Husqvarna and he also knows what will be coming in the near and more distant future. Plans weren't revealed for the future, but some insight on new ideas and changes we may see show up in the Husky off-road line were thrown around.

A new system such as anti-lock brakes, which is a front wheel only system that may poke its face out in the dual-sport bikes. Which models it will appear on is still unknown, but none-the-less, it is still very interesting stuff! Stay tuned to for the full interview from Husky's R&D Manager, Josef Honeder. -Chris Green

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