Corona, CA: New Series - Bar Rescue (Angel's in Corona)

Opening a business is hard. Sustaining it can be even harder and not everyone who opens a business will stay in business longer than a year. The bar industry is exceptionally tough. It takes more than shelves filled with liquor to keep the doors open. The cold hard fact is that five thousand bars went out of business across the nation last year. Thousands more are on the verge of closing their doors. And when that happens these bar owners turn to one man for help: Jon Taffer.

What Tabitha Coffey does for hair salons Jon Taffer does for bars. Only he'll be doing it Sunday nights at 10pm on Spike on a show called “Bar Rescue.” One bar a week in various cities, Taffer will use his 36 years of industry experience and apply a method which he calls “Bar Science.” From the height of the bar stools to where a customer's eyes fall first on the menu, Taffer restructures the place from bottom to top using an “in-your-face” style of management. He breaks down the problems and rebuilds from the ground up. Employees included.

In the series premiere of Bar Rescue, Taffer takes on a biker bar/strip club in Corona California. What was once a nearly $100,000 a month money maker has turned into a spiraling money pit. Lazy managers, scantily clad waitresses with attitude and an owner who has lost all control of her staff are only some of the issues Taffer has to deal with. Can he help turn this business around or is it too late ? Tune in Sunday night at 10pm on Spike.


Anonymous said...

Aren't there more quality business in need of saving than a strip bar?

Anonymous said...

Yea I know what you mean the homies ruben reyes, rodrigo reyes sonny martinez, and the other homies were just there tonight at the strip club