At My Place, Ribbon Cutting tonight.

Formally City Grille located in the Lowe’s shopping center our address is

1180 El Camino Road
Corona, CA 92879

"We decided the change our name when we took on the additional space. LL Hawaiian BBQ and Mr. You’s went out of business so we took on the space and added a bar, dueling piano’s and a banquet room."

Stop by and take a look, we are having our ribbon cutting today from 5pm to 6pm. Hope to see you soon.


Unknown said...

Hey Guys,

We came in on saturday night and it was awesome! Food was good, drinks were good, entertainment was the best! One thing that I didn't see or haven't seen that would make alot of sense, is promotion. I've worked in the industry and know that this place has some serious potential. But you need to cater to your everyday customer. These are the people that keep the lights on and give you some longevity. My wife & friends frequent restaurants a few days a week on a regular basis. We should be at your place forsure (and we will). But you should've been giving out your weekly happy hour menu with one free tapa card good from sunday-thursday. You have all these people in here because you're paying these good entertainers some good money. "You should be utilizing these guys on the weekend to bring customers back in during the week". This will also build your weekend crowd. Don't let me get you down. The only reason why I'm writing this, is because you have a really cool place and I don't want it to go away. lots of luck! Also, the only reason why we discovered your place is because of your parking lot light beams you had on for "ONE" night. let people know your there. I haven't seen any write ups in any papers or ads. I know it cost $$ but it may put you on a whole new level. There is also free write ups. For example the I.E. Weekly and others.

Anonymous said...

Very Disappointed to say the least. Our group went specifically for the entertainment (who by the way are NOT part of our complaint). As a person living in Corona for the last 10 yrs. it's a breath of fresh air when you can find some entertainment without a commute. What's worse when you invite other friends who drive at least 1 hour to join you at the NEW Place we found to end up Leaving not as "FRIENDS" but people who will NEVER go back. Where do I start? Maybe Bullet Points?
Enter about 7:45pm
Greeted by "RUDE DOOR PERSON" (later to find out MANAGER)
Who Says: Do you have a reservation? No? We're Full...ok do you have a standing area for drinks at the Bar?
Ok lets us in.
Group goes to the bar at least 6 or more EMPTY (no signage saying RESERVED ) bar stools...we don't sit but order drinks.
Then "RUDE" Bartender states: These seats are RESERVED (no SIGNAGE remember) and you can STAND here now but when the party comes YOU NEED TO MOVE!
AS anyone could imagine we didn't think that was very pleasant.
Another party comes up to the bar told the same thing.
About 20 - 35 minutes later we get around to order another round of drinks the "RUDE" Bartender states: It's a $40 COVER for your group.
Of course we were surprised as at the ENTRANCE there is NO SIGNAGE minus the FACT the DOOR people don't mention it.
So we state we won't pay that.
ASK for Management..and realize it's the "RUDE" person that greeted us at the door. Who states: I apologize that you weren't aware?? And we let the "RUDE" manager know how we were GREETED or lack there of by the "RUDE" Bartender of course he didn't really care BUT did apologize. After letting the "RUDE" manager know that another party was treated the same he said: Well I'm sorry that's the policy.
In the midst of the conversation gave the impression that HE would make an exception to not charge the cover, then when asked again said: "YES I WILL NOT CHARGE YOU IF YOU LEAVE."
At this point, being disappointed along with inviting friends out to join us JUST to see the ENTERTAINMENT and try a new place we were NOT HAPPY. At the end we asked for a person who was a supervisor above the "RUDE" manager and of course HE was in charge, then asked for the OWNERS then waited for a SEVERAL minutes "RUDE" manager came back and handed a business card and said "I WON'T PLAY THESE GAMES" .....I highly doubt he gave us the Owner's Name....
I have contemplated to write or call about a COMPLAINT, even though I know we we treated POORLY, but MY QUESTION IS WILL IT MATTER IF THESE are the type of EMPLOYEES you HIRE to RUN your Business?