Corona, CA: HELP find Teddy Bear!!!

Help a fellow Corona Resident:

"We are new to the area and found your blog yesterday when searching for someplace we could take our kids to see fireworks in Corona. We ended up going to the Santana Park fireworks show and managed to lose our 3 year old's teddy bear. We have called lost and found at City Hall, but I was hoping that you might have some friends or contacts around town that you could ask. We literally don't know anyone in this town and our son is so upset. I hope you will help us.

I posted the following on Craigslist:

"My 3 year old lost his teddy bear at the 4th of July fireworks at Santana Park in Corona on 7/4/12 sometime between 8:30 and 9:30pm.

The teddy bear is a faded light blue and has his initials on the feet. "G" on one foot and "W" on the other.

We parked in the Crossroads Church parking lot and walked across the street to the grassy hill/bowl at the east end of the park.

Teddy is tremendously loved and missed.

Please, please, please call 310-270-5678 if you have any information. My son has had this Teddy his whole life and it is so important to him."

Thank you so much for your help!

Jenn Pedersen Walmsley