Politics: Corona, CA Local contributes to Yes on Proposition 8.

Editors Note: This is a re-print of a Blog opinion...We are only informing you about a local contributor, we are not taking a political stand and we are not instructing you how to vote.

"Californians Against Hate (cah) was established to draw attention to the major donors to the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign. These contributors are spending tens of millions of dollars to amend the California Constitution to take away the right of same-sex couples to marry.

If our opponents want to end equality for gays and lesbians, then we will fight back. We will let the world know who these donors are, and then our millions of friends and allies can decide if they want to support their businesses or not.

Together, we must stand for equality—and against hate."

Stephen Lang, owner, Pacific Shores Masonry Corona, CA $125,000


Anonymous said...

I am a Christian who is against homosexual marriage because God, our Creator, is the One who designed marriage between a man and a woman. Gays have rights and that is fine, but MARRIAGE is a term for man and wife! It has nothing to do with hate. You actually show more hate by what you have written. I hope more Christians put money behind the right causes. We are to fight for our beliefs. Most media is liberal and we have to listen to all their beliefs all the time. It's about time those of us who believe in right and wrong and living godly lives with godly values need to start speaking out and speaking against all those who oppose our beliefs. We need to stop letting our country kick God out. I am thankful for those supporting Prop 8! Keep it going!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (above) is welcome to their opinion. However, two monumental issues are obvious, and I challenge them and others to think about this:

1. The separation of church and state is being violated by this viewpoint. In no uncertain terms, the reader has expressed that they are "against homosexual marriage because God, our Creator, is the One who designed marriage between a man and a woman." The United States is one of the great countries in this world that allows a person the freedom to choose which religion they wish to follow. Why, then, would a Christian think that their belief of God belongs in politics any more than a fellow Jewish, Scientologist, Buddhist or Hindu believer? By encouraging politics based with direct beliefs to their own version of God, they are violating the very freedoms that allow them to choose to be Christians. This is a dangerous slippery slope to walk upon, and I think is forgotten by carelessly thinking that "we need to stop letting our country kick God out." Quite the contrary - keep believing in your version of God, but be happy that it can't be placed carefully into politics, because if those controls weren't in place, who is to say other religions wouldn't be forced upon you someday? And for the record, I am a Christian!

2. The reader expresses that "it has nothing to do with hate." It is obvious this reader has not had a son or daughter that is gay. Some studies show that the suicide rates for gay teens is nearly double or triple that for heterosexual teens. The intense pressure placed on teens to be straight, when they are struggling with figuring out they are gay, drives many to depression, shame and ultimately for some, suicide. The way to reach out to gays and lesbians by the church is not to deny their rights or their existence. They should reach out to them in a loving way. Taking away the right for them to marry sends a continued negative message that indirectly adds to the shame many teens feel growing up, which is why it is being labeled as hate. People cannot change being gay, any more than a heterosexual person could change either. Ask the child trying to cope with this, who has been kicked out by their religious parents, if they felt supported and loved? I think the child would say they felt "hated" by their parents and most likely, by God, thus I encourage anyone thinking of voting yes on 8 to look a little deeper before you say you don't hate. Find an open gay or lesbian to speak with, and ask how they felt growing up. I don't think you will like the answers, and it may cause you to have a little more accountability towards your own opinions on this subject. There has to be a different way to express your feelings about homosexuality that at the same time doesn't marginalize millions of people in the process. We should aspire towards trying to form a decent society where we ALL benefit from the right to form loving relationships, not just those that share your own beliefs. This is why people label some Christians as haters, because their actions don't match what they say. Vote no on Prop 8. We ALL benefit by a society free from discrimination.

Anonymous said...

Vote Yes on Prop 8. Allow gays to have unions, but marriage is for man and woman only. Stand up for beliefs: read www.syrogers.com and hear TRUTH from a man who was going to have a sex change until God opened his eyes. He loves everybody but has chosen truth. Be loving and kind to everybody, respect all, but you don't have to agree with sinful lifestyles. People with all religious beliefs should stand for what they believe- even if it is different from what I believe as a Christian. But people need to not be ashamed to call the Bible truth. One day, we will all stand before God and many people will finally know that they had a chance to choose Him until they took their last breath. Love all, but don't be intimidated by a minority that is pushing strong to make us believe homosexuality is right. www.syrogers.com will open your eyes.

Anonymous said...

If somebody believes he/she can be a Christian and believe homosexuality is right, they need to read their Bible better. We are all sinners, and homosexuality is no different than any other sin, but it is sin none the less. Read Romans 1:26-27, for one verse and see what God says about homosexuality. Again, it is not worse than sex outside of marriage between and man and woman, or lying or murder, but it is wrong- because God says it is.