Corona, CA: James Stewart and Answer Racing

The Answer Racing family is happy to announce its continued partnership with the re-signing of James Stewart for the 2012 season. Stewart, being one of the most innovative and charismatic riders to ever race a motocross bike, continues to be the perfect fit for Answer Racing. We truly look forward to helping James attain the goals he's set for himself and push towards the all-time Supercross win record.

"I'm so excited to continue the relationship with Answer and the Tucker Rocky family. It's been a great 3 years and I look forward to more. We are doing something special with our products and anyone who has bought them see that we are leading in the category of performance gear", say James. Stewart will have the full support of Answer Racing, both on and off the track, while looking to take home both the SX and MX titles.

2012 will be exciting for Answer Racing as James is a big piece to the puzzle that makes up an already stacked crew consisting of Mike Mason, Todd Potter, and JDR KTM.

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