Corona, CA: Sheets Energy Strips Maker Pilots Vending Program

Chews, balls and gum, to mention just a few formats in the energy food category, tend to find their way to vending machines. Not surprisingly, a new company called Pure Brands LLC is piloting its inaugural product in dedicated, branded vending machines manufactured by Corona, CA-based AVT Inc., which specializes in enabling new vending opportunities.

Sheets Energy Strips, Pure Brands' paper-thin, individually wrapped strips, dissolve instantly when placed on the tongue and are formulated to deliver fast-acting energy. Offered in multiple flavors, Sheets strips contain no calories, carbohydrates or sugar.

For the vending pilot, Sheets-branded automated kiosks will be placed in high-profile areas across the country including malls, office buildings, stadiums and arenas in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida. They will be merchandised with 4-packs and 10-packs of the energy strips, with $3 and $6 vend prices, respectively. Sheets-branded hats and t-shirts, both priced at $20, will also be sold through the machines. Two plasma screens embedded in the kiosks will promote the products and educate consumers about Sheets’ energy-enhancing benefits.

"We are always looking for unique ways to break through the clutter of traditional marketing campaigns," said Pure Brands chief executive Warren Struhl. "Automated kiosks are the perfect way for us to increase awareness of the brand."

Sheets Energy Strips were launched in June and are available nationwide. Pure Brands’ founding partners include basketball legends LeBron James and Amar’e Stoudemire and multiplatinum recording artists Drake and Pitbull. The celebrities are prominently featured in a marketing campaign coinciding with the Sheets launch.

Last month, Pure Brands announced a partnership with Budget Rent a Car of Atlanta and Wrap Media Group that will wrap rental vehicles with Sheets branding. For the first time ever, renters will be able to get a significant discount when driving a sponsored rental vehicle. The cars can be booked online until November, and will bring multiple other branding opportunities such as the ability to add short codes for text-messaging campaigns and coupons or product samples that will be placed in the vehicles as well as at the rental facilities.

Pure Brands says its future innovations will be devoted to wellness-related products that "use wearable, topical, transdermal and oral nutritional-delivery systems."

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