Corona, CA: October 1st is International Sake Day (with $1 Hot Sake)

On October 1, 2012, RA Sushi Bar Restaurant is recognizing “Nihonshu no Hi” or International “Sake Day”, an informal holiday created to celebrate the popular Japanese spirit. Nothing pairs better with sushi then sake, and in honor of this special day RA is encouraging guests to explore this lesser known spirit! Enjoy hot sake for $1 all day at any one of the Southern California RA Sushi locations.

International Sake Day’s origins are centered around ancient symbols and sake’s brewing season. October is represented in the ancient Chinese zodiac system, also embraced in Japan, by the old character for sake. Conveniently, the same month also represents a beginning in the sake world: the start of a new brewing season, making October 1 the perfect time to celebrate all things sake!

Visit any RA Sushi location on International Sake Day from 11 a.m. to close, and enjoy $1 hot sake, a savings of $3 from the normal price. Raise a glass and Kampai! to International Sake Day

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