Corona, CA: Following the Music

The music scene in California is not just clubs and bars. There is something for everyone. Maybe you are not into the club/bar night out. Maybe you have children and need family friendly events. Maybe you just want a change and want to see a live show. I will introduce you to some alternatives to the typical bar and club scene.

If you are a parent, have an interest in kids in music, or just want a change of scenery, a great venue is the Fender Center and Museum in Corona, California. Recently it held a showcase featuring all six of the Kids Rock Free bands for the price of $10 for adults, $5 for kids. Kids in the band are part of the Kids Rock Free program. The bands included the Drum Line (new to Kids Rock Free), Deadline, Unbroken, The Cutting Edge, The Igniters, and The Fender Benders. The most recent event showcased the talent of all the bands but it was a bitter sweet event because some of the kids were aging out. That means by age 18 they are too old for the Kids Rock Free Program. The program offers free and low cost lessons to families and kids age 7 to 17. Class choices include drums, bass, guitar, vocals, and more. The kids that get involved learn from top notch teachers and also get to do gigs with huge talents such as Paul Rodgers and other famous people. Friends, family, and the community are invited to the Fender Center for events that the kids perform in and other events that are adult only shows. The venue, when hosting an event, usually has food and beverage service to go with the shows. The Rhythm Lounge inside the venue is spacious and intimate. The lighting and sound is always top notch. The outside venue, the Steve Miller TLC Amphitheater, is used for larger events.

Want more of an adult night out? Look into Romano’s in Redlands on Thursday nights. The Restaurant side hosts the Dave and Steve live Acoustic shows every Thursday night from 9:30 PM to close. What is the Dave and Steve Acoustic show? Steve Wilson and Dave Strickland of Fall Into Mourning and The Stillwinter fame do a anything goes acoustic set. That means you pick the songs, or they pick them. The nights often include Fawn Baxter, an up and coming lady of rock, playing and belting out songs. Her voice is strong and sexy with a tone and style familiar to Jewel fans. The night usually includes members from other local bands showing their acoustical talent. For those going to the show you have the opportunity to dine on the mouthwatering cuisine Romano’s offers while relaxing to the Dave & Steve Acoustical show. After dinner the show stays acoustic, but at the same time gets to be more adult beverage drinking friendly.

If you are looking for the “wow factor”, Lynda Kay Parker is the show to see. The first Thursday of every month Lynda Kay performs at the Three Clubs at the corner of Santa Monica & Vine in Hollywood. The show is free and worth the drive. My husband and I travel almost 200 miles the first Thursday of every month just to see the Lynda Kay show. With a voice similar to Patsy Cline, Lynda Kay will knock you out of your seat. Her set is a mixture of Vegas lounge music combined with Texas attitude and a Patsy Cline quality voice. Her show is complete with outfit changes, a back up singer with the voice of a Siren, and an all star band. The club itself is intimate, with low lights, dark wood furnishings, red velvet walls, and a disco ball. Check out Lynda Kay performing at the Coffin Case Present Club Tarantino night and you will see what I am talking about. Click this link to watch a portion of one of Lynda Kay's recent performances at the Three Clubs.

It is hard to find all ages shows in California. Many venues that feature local talents are small clubs, bars and restaurants. One place that offers the young music fan an option to see live events is the Glass House in Pomona. It is a larger venue with a balcony so you can be above the crowd if you want a better audio experience or you just don’t want to be too close to the stage. If you are brave and want the full experience, you can stand on the floor and rock out to your band. If you would like to watch a portion of Assuming We Survive's set at the Glass House click this link

Keeping up on the local music scene and supporting all ages shows is not just good for the bands and venues, it is good for the fans. There will be no live shows if no one comes out to support. Additional places to look for all ages events would be local coffee houses and you can also check with your local High Schools.

Support local music and Occupy your local venues. The more you do the more options you will have to find the perfect place and music to entertain you.

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