Riverside, CA: 1000 animals being euthanized in Riverside, California need help

The shelter is working with qualified rescue groups to try and save these animals.

Updated numbers as of 7/15/2011: 470 dogs plus 253 cats current count is 730

The Riverside shelter outside Los Angeles is forced to euthanize 1000 animals. Starting yesterday, dogs and cats are being put to sleep.

Local rescue groups are reaching out and begging for help to save lives.

What is happening in the country that so many animals are senselessly being destroyed? This qualifies as a state of emergency. Something needs to happen. How any anyone look at the defenseless animals in the photo and not try to help?

Please call Sue Zucker (951-232-7727) at the Riverside Shelter if a rescue group can help by saving even one life.

Riverside Count Shelter located at 6851 Van Buren Boulevard, Riverside, CA 92504

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