Corona, CA: What is your assessment of Corona’s 2011 Main Street Parade and Fireworks?

What is your assessment of Corona’s 2011 Main Street Parade and Fireworks

Our assessment:


Parade – Same participants (more or less), so you know what you are getting. I was a little disappointed in the ‘Pets on Parade’ but with the heat it’s understandable. If we could change anything it would be the line-up and the pace of the parade…tends to run a bit slow and is heavy in some categories.

Heat – Corona…can you do something about the heat? Kidding…

Parade Flyover – LOVE THEM!!! Keep that in the line-up…would be great to close out with a flyover.

Food/Drink Vendors – There seems to be a lot of opportunity for local food/drink vendors to set-up and cash in before and after the event (Corona…additional tax revenue).


Parking – Seemed ok but…I would recommend the City work with local businesses (i.e. Vons, Grazianno’s, etc) to create allowable parking as NO ONE DESERVES TO BE TOWED!!!

Bands – The bands were great…loud at times but great. What about featuring a local artist(s)?

C.A.T. Presentation – Love you guys but found the presentation annoying as did the people around us. Maybe it translates better on stage?

Funnel Cakes/Kettle Corn – Can the City work to get the prices down on these (delicious) items? Kidding…

9/11 Tribute – Appreciated the tribute but perhaps not appropriate for young children watching planes crashing into buildings.

Fireworks Flyover – AWESOME…Had to pick my jaw off the ground!!!

Fireworks – FANTASTIC…one of the better displays I have seen. The music volume, coordination could have been better but that’s being nitpicky.

Quote of the Night - Gentlemen announcing all canopies need to come down and then goes on to say regardless of your race, creed or color can you please instruct your neighbor in case they do not understand English. WOW!

That’s our 2-cents…what’s yours?

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