Corona, CA: AVT Creates New Website to Reflect Market Leadership

AVT, Inc. announced today that they have launched a new website that better reflects their position in the market and their vision for the future direction of the company.

The new site features videos, company brochures, and information about the Automated Retailing Industry – a term that AVT coined.

In a section titled "Brand New World," the company shows off some of their innovative designs for unmanned, self-serve retail environments, such as the Airport Store, the Cosmetic Store, the Electronics and Gaming Store, the Hotel Gift Shop, and the College Bookstore.

All of these eye-catching systems feature unique electronics and robotic-arms to deliver exciting and in-demand products to consumers 24-hours a day.

"Over the past few years we have shifted our focus from being a traditional vending manufacturer to a leading innovator of automated retail environments, where customers can shop and purchase items without the need of a store employee, which allows owners, operators and retailers to expand distribution, lower overhead, and increase market penetration and profits," company founder Shannon Illingworth stated. "Our mission is to continue to lead, innovate, and develop new ways that companies and brands can interact with the public, and our new website more accurately presents our vision and purpose."

The new website can be visited at

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