Corona, CA: Thomas and Moss battle through taxing terrain at the Snowshoe Ski Resort

FAR Husqvarna racers took on the Snowshoe GNCC this weekend in the mountains of West Virginia. XC2 Pro Lites riders Jason Thomas and Morgan Moss battled the mud pits and rock gardens of the two 12-mile loops, which took racers along the slopes of the Snowshoe Ski Resort. Thomas was leading the charge before a broken chain ended his day prematurely, but Moss was able to capture another top-ten finish.

Thomas was out to a fourth-place start, and after the pit stop moved into first place in the XC2 class. Moss was running a strong eighth and started to advance in the field. He moved into fifth only to have his chain come off – but fortunately for Moss, it was only derailed and not broken like Thomas’. Moss was able to get his chain back on and get back into the race, but Thomas had to watch his win slip away.

“I was taking my time out there today,” Thomas said. “We worked a lot on setting up my Husqvarna TXC250 for this race. My bike was awesome and I was ready to win – just bad luck today!”

Moss worked his way back up to fifth but on the last lap got stuck in a mud hole and ended up crossing the finish line in seventh.

“I was riding good today and was going forward but I lost my chain and lost too much time,” Moss said. “Then I got stuck the last lap and that cost me a few positions.”

Despite the tough luck, Thomas is still sitting second overall in points, and Moss is still holding down eighth in the XC2 Pro Lites GNCC class.

“It’s great to see that our guys can stick with it even when bad luck strikes,” commented Product and Racing Manager Derek Sorenson. “That’s racing and you just have to keep plugging away, which I’m confident our guys at FAR Racing will do.”

Next GNCC Race: July 10 – John Penton GNCC, Millfield, Ohio

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