Corona, CA: Pro Q&A - Ryan “Biz” Jordan

Holding it down in sunny Corona, California, Ryan “Biz” Jordan is next up to tackle your hard hitting questions. It’s fair game to ask Biz anything you can think of, from the origins of his nickname, to his recent sponsor change from Volume to Verde, his amazing section in Demolition’s new video Last Chance (and how long it took him to film his ender), or maybe you can get some tips on how to icepick grind super far, inquire about what it’s like to have some of the best dirt spots, concrete parks, and schools near your house, or maybe ask why he’s afraid to eat a burrito…

Remember, we appreciate at least a first name and last initial—crude nicknames and/or “anonymous” don’t cut it. Or you can just e-mail your question

All questions will be sent to Biz and the best of the question/answer combos will be printed in the August 2011 issue of Ride.

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