Corona, CA: Lenny Dykstra - Limo Driver Dishes on Deceitful Dykstra

Lenny Dykstra Took Advantage of Help According to Limo Driver

Lenny Dykstra had all the answers. He took started a jet charter company and magazine dedicated to financial advice for athletes.

It seems that the man nicknamed "Nails" needed some advice of his own. Dykstra has since been arrested for a Federal bankruptcy crime and embezzlement. He can add one irate limo driver to the list of people he has angered over the years.

Dykstra is a taker. He accepted gifts without the least bit of thought about repaying his debts. All of this according to his former limo driver.

That driver sat down recently with Managing Director, Scott Engel recently for an interview. Engel refers to the driver as Jerry, as he hopes to remain anonymous. The full interview can be read here.

Jerry was a huge Mets fan. By relation, that made him a huge Lenny Dykstra fan. Engel describes how the two met.

Jerry estimates it was the month of May in 2009 when he saw Dykstra standing on the corner of Third Avenue in the high 40s, hailing a cab. Jerry instantly recognized Dykstra and pulled over, offering to take him anywhere he wanted to go. Jerry and Dykstra instantly hit it off, and Dykstra then asked Jerry to run him to various places around town for approximately five days.

Dykstra would run up a $1,000 bill and proceed to pay Jerry with a $100 bill and a credit card number. The number was declined a few days later.

The number belonged to his assistant that only slightly vouched for Dykstra when Jerry confronted her about the declined card.

Jerry then picked up Dykstra up at the airport in 2009. Nails was joined by a lady friend at the time. Again, the card Dykstra used would later be declined. Lenny was passing off "associates" cards as his own. Hardly the practice of a financial adviser.

Jerry continued to drive Dykstra around hoping beyond hope that his hero would straighten out. He never did. Jerry would lose thousands as he drove Dykstra around town and fed him leftovers from his own home.

We all think that Lenny hit rock bottom recently when he was finally arrested. It seems he had been meandering in some lowly depths well before that. Jerry knows all too well now that childhood heroes are human, nothing more.

They can be just as deceitful as a stranger walking down the street. Lenny is a man that could not let the high life go. He was going to cheat and borrow to keep his image alive, and he hurt so many people in the process.

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