Murrieta, CA: ANOTHER Chuck E. Cheese Assault!

It's where a kid can be a kid, even if that means your a kid who likes assaulting people in bathrooms.

A woman in Murrieta, CA was attacked Wednesday afternoon in a ladies bathroom at a Chuck E. Cheese by a 16-year-old boy. The teenager was lurking in one of the stalls when the woman entered the restroom. According to her testimony, the boy grabbed her from behind, threw her into the handicapped stall and started relentlessly beating her. He allegedly knocked her head into the toilet and then began punching her in the chest.

Thankfully, her boyfriend, who was with her 2-year-old grandchild, came to check on her and intervened before the boy could do any more damage. (The woman told police she was convinced he was about to rape her.) The boyfriend, who is a bounty hunter by profession, held the boy in a head lock until the police arrived. The boy was then arrested on suspicion of assault, kidnapping and false imprisonment.

So awful. People can't even go to the bathroom anymore without fear!

Not to belittle what this woman endured, but imagine if it was another kid who'd gone in before her! We shudder to think!

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