Corona, CA: Steam Haus Gastropub

I’ve been wanting to have my first Gastropub experience since I passed the Haven Gastropub in Pasadena while walking in downtown. Between work, “training” for my 5k and not having too much “refuel time” the last couple months–it was left uncrossed on my to do list. Until last night.

Earlier this month, a Gastropub twenty miles from my work opened. With a Charlie Chaplin movie playing on the wall to the steampunk inspired art on the walls, the first thing you notice when walking into the Steam Haus Gastropub is the cool decor. The servers were dressed in standard steampunk attire and they even raised the glass, garage walls when it got a bit cooler outside. They definitely get extra points on creating an amazing atmosphere.

Steam Haus Gatropub won’t leave you disappointed if your taste buds are looking for a unique experience. Duck Fat Fries, Popcorn (cooked in bacon & rosemary) and the A.M. Burger (8 ounces of Pat LaFrieda Beef, bacon, onion jam & fried egg served between two gourmet waffles) are just some of the menu options they have to offer. Steam Haus also caters to your four-legged friend. Their dog menu includes grilled sirloin steak, oven roasted chicken breast and dog gravy.

In addition to its fine dining twist, Steam Haus also boasts 101 bottles of beer on the wall, 30 draft beers and a grand wine collection. The only downside is that the food and drinks are a bit pricey for what you get.

With my 5k this Saturday, I forced myself to exercise a little self control and get the AJ Kabob. It was basically a veggie kabob served with a lemon herb yogurt and toasted pine nut cous cous. I also kept it light with an angry orchard cider. I did try some of the duck fat fries (you gotta live a little) which were quite tasty.

Although this place won’t make my list of favorites when it comes to food, it was nice way to end a work day. I’ll definitely be back to try a few more drinks and unique menu items that caught my eye.

Steam Haus Gastropub
2785 Cabot Drive, Suite 110
Corona, CA

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