Corona, CA: Foothill Parkway Extension Update

"Some updates - the horse ranch in the canyon has been evicted by the city to make room for the extension on the Green River/Paseo Grande end. They have been tearing down the barns and fences for a few months now. They were supposed to be out a month ago but are running behind schedule.

The city has also started placing route markers through the area in preparation for filling in the canyon. 70 feet high is what they're planning on which will bring the road up to eye level with my house. Once a beautiful view will now a noisy road. Thanks Corona."

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Anonymous said...

Once a beautiful view will now shave 15 minutes off my commute and increase my home value. The folks on Ontario Avenue will be delighted too.

This road had been planned since the 80s so you knew about it when you bought your house and it was only a matter of time.....don't complain.