Lake Elsinore, CA: 41 Lamborghinis Do Lunch In Lake Elsinore

Forty-one Lamborghinis and their owners did lunch Sunday at the Links At Summerly Golf Course in Lake Elsinore.

When Lamborghini Newport Beach wants to show its customers a good time, what's the sexy destination spot?

Lake Elsinore.

Forty-one Lamborghinis were driven by their owners over the Ortega Highway Sunday, bound for The Links At Summerly Golf Course in Lake Elsinore.

Do the math: That’s around $12.3 million rolling into town.

The scenic drive was part of the luxury car dealership’s Customer Appreciation Day.

The long line of high-performance vehicles made its way down the Ortega, into Lake Elsinore, around the lake, and then over to the Links.

Lake Elsinorians couldn’t believe what they were seeing, according to Brenda Sanchez, 44, Links At Summerly sales director.

"It was pretty amazing hearing them rev their engines when they pulled into the parking lot," Sanchez said. "We had car alarms going off because of their loud engines -- it was just amazing!"

Nearly 80 well-heeled Lamborghini owners and their friends swamped the outdoor eating area at the golf course, and the car dealership’s owners picked up the meal tab, Sanchez explained.

“This is a really nice place, what a great view!" That’s the sentiment Sanchez said she got from the car owners.

"It was a pretty neat thing for them to choose Lake Elsinore for their get together," Sanchez told Patch.

Drivers parted ways after lunch but no doubt Lake Elsinore gave them all reason to return.

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