Corona, CA: West Coast Customs to overhaul... taco shop?

Chronic Tacos, in Corona, CA, is now West Coast Customs' Chronic Tacos

Bold and intrepid Southern California-based restaurant chain, Chronic Tacos, has teamed with outrageous West Coast Customs to announce the renovation of their extreme taco shop, Chronic Tacos, into West Coast Customs' Chronic Tacos, in Corona, California. The brash new restaurant is located on the corner of Ontario and Main Street at 160 East Ontario Avenue. It features Chronic Tacos authentic third generation Mexican food served in a taco shop that has been overhauled for maximum performance.

"Chronic Tacos and West Coast Customs a bold statement together," said Randy Wyner, founder Chronic Tacos Enterprises. "West Coast Customs makes amazing creations out of cars just like we do with tacos. We are thrilled to have them overhaul one of our shops."

West Coast Customs continues Season Two of their hit show on Velocity, Inside West Coast Customs, where audiences get a front-row view of the crew's most outrageous builds. On Oct. 16 at 8:00 p.m. ET/CT, Inside West Coast Customs will unveil their Best Buy Ford Fiesta and latest taco shop creation after they teach their "7 steps to customize your car".

Ryan Friedlinghaus, CEO and Owner of West Coast Customs, and his shop crew have executed exclusive custom builds for the MTV show "Pimp my Ride," TLC's "Street Customs," "Street Customs Berlin" and now on his new Velocity and Discovery Channel show, "Inside West Coast Customs." Friedlinghaus and his crew are world-renowned for their extreme vehicles, outrages features and unique designs.

Chronic Tacos is a southern California restaurant chain with a vigorous cult following and over thirty restaurants and cantinas. For more information visit

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