Corona, CA: Renowned Custom Car Builders West Coast Customs Continue Season 2 of Their Hit Show Inside West Coast Customs Featuring the 7-Step Fiesta with Best Buy and Ford

West Coast Customs (WCC) continues season 2 of their hit show on Velocity, Inside West Coast Customs, where audiences get a front-row view of the shop's most outrageous builds. On Oct. 16 at 8:00 p.m. ET/CT, Inside West Coast Customs will teach you their "7 steps to customize your car" with the help of Best Buy and Ford.

"Best Buy and West Coast Customs started a relationship last year during the '7 steps to customize your ride' show featuring the Best Buy Geek Squad," said Ryan Friedlinghaus, founder and CEO of West Coast Customs. "This season, Best Buy has chosen the Ford Fiesta to really exemplify the '7 step' process. The Fiesta is Ford's young, cool and affordable compact car, which is perfect for the unveiling at our first West Coast Customs-Chronic Taco shop."

The crew's canvas, the 2011 Ford Fiesta, is designed for a more youthful demographic, while still maintaining a fine balance between cool and affordable. The exterior of the car will get a 3D Carbon body kit and a subtle paint job, incorporating the ghosted logos of Ford, Best Buy and West Coast Customs with a "Best Buy blue" base coat. The interior gets a custom overhaul with a brand new Roadwire leather seat kit, and a touch of suede on the headliner and the interior panels so you can ride comfortably while you listen to your upgraded audio system using West Coast Customs' components. The finishing touch includes a custom sub-woofer enclosure designed to look like the Best Buy yellow tag. To enhance suspension and performance, Ford Racing components were added and a slick set of HRE 20" wheels wrapped in Continental Tires.

Friedlinghaus and his shop have been doing exclusive custom builds for the MTV show Pimp my Ride, TLC's Street Customs, Street Customs Berlin and now on his new show on Velocity, Inside West Coast Customs. Friedlinghaus and his crew are world-renowned for their extreme vehicles, outrageous features and unique designs.

Catch all the action on Inside West Coast Customs, Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET on Velocity.

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Anonymous said...

The 58 Corvette WCC fabricated for a huge step up from their previous builds. The new show is very well done and it appears the entire WCC operation is heading towards higher quality.

It was refreshing to see Brian not pressure his build team to finish the vette just to make the LV Concert.

This is a breakout year for WCC.