Corona, CA: Two Domestic Powershouses Partner For A Creative Strategy To Fight Hunger In Under-Served Communities

Southern California's crowdfunding phenomenon Sevenly, and Montana based Convoy of Hope, have partnered for one week to raise awareness and funds to feed our nation's forgotten children. Sevenly's innovative, t-shirt based social media model, is expected to drive over 50 million impressions in just seven days and provide enough food to feed 500 children for over a month. has had outrageous success since its launch in mid June 2011. The social good company has already given over $65,000 to charities across the world. Convoy of Hope, one of America's most prestigious charities, known for their tremendous work with state-side disaster relief and child hunger, has now teamed up with to change lives in the United States during the week of September 26th.

Because of Convoy of Hope's notable corporate sponsors, they were able to turn every $1 raised during its Sevenly campaign into $7. With this corporate assistance in place, each Sevenly customer's purchase (which usually donates $7) will now give approximately $49, and cover the cost of 14 days of nutritious food to a hungry child in the U.S.

Sevenly, which mostly partners with international charities like anti International Justice Mission, Charity Water, and Compassion Intenationa l, has been urged by their fast growing American community to partner with a cause here in the U.S. The two organizations have carefully planned a nation wide communication strategy that they believe will give the people of the United States a chance to serve their home country.

Over the one week campaign, they will work rigorously to leverage each of their online resources to not only sell t-shirts, but to share the campaign across major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube.

Sevenly CEO, Dale Partridge states, "We spend most of our time here figuring out ways to help enable people to share a campaign online. On average we can drive over 10,000 shares in one week but we are working very hard to reach the 100K mark."

Dale continues with, "For those tired of clicking the donate button or those interested in representing a worthy cause on a fashionable shirt worth wearing, we need your help." The two hope to sell over 100 of these limited edition Convoy of Hope tees each day of the campaign this week. If all predictions are correct, and with the online support from the thousands behind this new, social media / social good movement, our nation's forgotten children might go another day without going hungry.

Visit this week to join the fight for hunger.

Sevenly is a co-profit company founded in June 2011 to raise capital and awareness for the world's greatest causes. Each week Sevenly partners with one qualified nonprofit to sell a shirt specifically designed for that week's campaign, with seven dollars from each shirt sale going to the charity. Run by CEO Dale Partridge, the company's goal is to provide support to charities through increased awareness, funding and following. To learn more about Sevenly visit

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