Corona, CA: High School Wrestling Coach Accused of Bullying Freshman

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A high school wrestling coach in Corona is being accused of bullying and harassing a freshman student on his team.

13-year-old Centennial High School freshman Hunter Grijalva says he was humiliated by his coach at a practice on Monday.

Hunter says he had dropped his wrestling shorts on the way to the bus that morning.

He had blue shorts on under his blue jeans, but was told he couldn't wear them because they weren't school colors.

"The only colors that you're allowed to wear are white, gray, red and black," Hunter told KTLA.

He says his coach told him, "I guarantee you they're going to [expletive] kick your a** if you wear those out."

Afraid of what might happen, Hunter says he started running laps in his boxer shorts.

At some point, Hunter claims that one of his teammates shoved him to the ground.

Hunter suffered scrapes on his back and a broken collar bone.

His mother took him to a local hospital, where doctors reported to the school what had happened.

"I can't see why he couldn't let me run in [the blue shorts]. I don't think he would want to see me running in my boxers instead of my shorts, which I had... unless he just wanted me to be humiliated," Hunter said.

Hunter's mom says she can't understand why the honor roll student would have been humiliated in front of his peers.

Hunter might have to have surgery on his collar bone.

But his injuries aside, Hunter says he's mostly disappointed in the coach he looked up to.

"How could somebody make you do that without feeling any kind of sympathy for you?"

"Our school takes any complaint very seriously. We will interview students and staff," Assistant Superintendent Bill Pike said.

"With the respect to the altercation, the school has already administered discipline to the other student involved, and now the police will investigate to see if there is anything criminal."

School officials say, according to what they've been told by students and staff, nothing supports hunters allegation that the coach pressured him to run in his underwear boxers.

Officials also say that no one has come forward to support the claim that the coach used any inappropriate language.

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Anonymous said...

Of Coarse the students are gonna side with their coach...(Remember there is ALOT the parents and admistration don't see that goes on in the wrestling room) If the students speak up against their coach they suffer not only humiliation by the COACH & "HIS STAFF" But also a spot on the team, GUARENTEED!(I dought any of them have any affiliation to the school,like being a pd school teacher or administration. The coaches ride the line as far as they can,including Hydration Tests,long practices & INsane work-outs & really just walk out silently if accused of any wrong-doing. There is no accountability!)