Corona, CA: A chat with Aaron Kovacs of new independent label Lauren Records

Lauren records is a newly established independent punk label out of Corona, California. As a label that has only been in effect since March of 2011, it has shown a great deal of promise, first with a compilation LP featuring such notable artists as Andrew Jackson Jihad, Japanther, Fishboy, The Albert Square, Jehovas Fitness, and Underground Railroad to Candyland; and later with a full-length album on CD format by basement noise pop and frantic punk band Pangea, titled Living Dummy, and a cassette tape version of Arizona-based folk-punk duo Andrew Jackson Jihad’s latest album Knife Man. Owner operator of Lauren Records Aaron Kovacs hasn’t stopping there, though, as he also has an upcoming 7” release from female-fronted fuzz punk and power pop outfit Cheeto Champ, as well as a 14-song cassette version of Japanther’s Beets, Limes and Rice album.

This is all quite impressive since Aaron initially had no intention whatsoever of starting up a label. During a recent interview, he explained, “I was just going to make a mix tape with some local friends’ bands, which was just going to be duplicated at home. Then, as I kept getting more bands interested in putting a song on, it went from almost being a CD to just being an LP.”

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