Corona, CA: Pro Taper Takes 5 Gold Medals at X-Games 17

With five gold and nine total medals, Pro Taper has once again solidified themselves as the most dominant handlebar and sprocket brand in extreme sports.

Kicking off the event on Thursday was Pro Taper's Step Up specialist Matt Buyten. Matt defended his 2010 gold medal by shattering the previous record and clearing the bar at an unprecedented 37'. Next on the agenda was Best Whip, where fan votes determine the overall results. Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg was hands down the fan favorite and stopped fellow Pro Taper teammate Todd Potter's quest for a three peat. Potter edged out the rest of the field and took home a silver medal. Arguably the most anticipated event every year at X-Games is the Moto X Best Trick. Metal Mulisha/Pro Taper rider Jackson "Jacko" Strong not only took home a gold medal, but also put his name in the history books for landing the first ever front flip on a motorcycle in competition. Jacko has been perfecting the front flip for quite some time and nailed it in his first run.

Moto X Freestyle was the only event on the agenda for moto riders Friday night. Long time Pro Taper athletes Nate Adams and Adam Jones laid down solid runs through qualifying to easily transfer on to the finals. Both riders put together exception runs when it counted, leaving it up to the judges to make the call on gold. Adams out scored Jones 91 to 86, handing Nate his first of two gold medals at X-Games 17. Jones, who had not medaled at X-Games since his 2007 Gold in Freestyle, took a much-deserved silver medal back home to Nevada.

Moto X Speed and Style event has been gaining popularity every year with the riders and fans. Last year's silver medalist, Nate Adams, stepped up his preparation and it definitely showed out on the track. When all of the bracket racing was complete, it was Pro Taper riders Mike Mason and Nate Adams going head to head for gold. The two were very evenly matched on the racing portion, so when Mason held off Adams for the win it all came down to style points. Nate edged out Mike 90 to 87 and that was enough to snatch gold from the race winner. Fresh off of a broken femur, Ronnie "Kung Fu" Faisst not only lined up for competition at X-Games 17, but rode with some serious heart and determination to grab a bronze medal in Speed and Style.

Pro Taper is the industry leader in hard parts manufacturing and innovation. After X-Games 17 there is no doubt which brand the top athletes in the world choose to put their trust in.

Moto X Step Up
Gold - Matt Buyten

Moto X Best Whip
Gold - Jeremy Stenberg
Silver - Todd Potter

Moto X Best Trick
Gold - Jackson Strong

Moto X Freestyle
Gold - Nate Adams
Silver - Adam Jones

Moto X Speed & Style
Gold - Nate Adams
Silver - Mike Mason
Bronze - Ronnie Faisst

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