Corona, CA: Medina Subsidiary WinTec Protective Systems, Inc. Announces EPA Classification And Approval Of Hydro-Tain

Patent pending oil adsorption product ready to address global marine environmental remediation market

Medina International Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: MIHI) announced today that its subsidiary, WinTec Protective Systems, Inc. has, through EPA classification, received approval for the use of its non-toxic, patent pending Hydro-Tain oil adsorption product in US waterways.

Hydro-Tain is a coagulant that functions by adsorbing virtually any hydrocarbon based liquid. When Hydro-Tain comes in contact with any liquid hydrocarbon it rapidly (within seconds or minutes) adsorbs the hydrocarbon and changes it to a hardened floating material. The material is easily retrieved or skimmed off the water surface, using booms, nets, or vacuum equipment; it can even be corralled into place by water hoses.

A video demonstrating the use of Hydro-Tain is available at:

Mr. Robert Doherty, CEO, WinTec Protective Systems, Inc. stated, "Oil spills are among the most devastating of environmental accidents. High-profile spills, like that of the Exxon Valdez, and the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico make the need for Hydro-Tain obvious. The EPA classification and subsequent approval for use in waterways opens up an entirely new market segment for Hydro-Tain."

In its natural state (without hydrocarbon contact), Hydro-Tain has a toxicity level of zero. Once Hydro-Tain has been in contact with hydrocarbons and has adsorbed to its ultimate capacity, the toxicity level is no greater than that of the hydrocarbon.

Mr. Rao Mankal, CFO commented, "EPA classification gives our product the credibility and third-party verification necessary to effectively market it worldwide. Its status as a patent pending product gives us the protection we need in the marketplace. Hydro-Tain is the future of environmental oil-spill recovery."

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