Corona, CA: Citrus Splash Review

There are two great things about this park from the perspective of a preschool mom.

1. The splash pad! It is large with several different attractions. So many splash pads are great for the elementary age child, but are a little scary for younger kids because of the perceived unpredictability of the water features. This park is different! While the different sections do go on and off, there are not any that will scare a little one or dump large quantities of water on him/her. Most of the features are perfect height for a 2-5 year old. The water pressure is low, so even the parts that are higher than an adult can be controlled by a little one.

2. There are two amazing playgrounds. They are plastic. They are made for younger kids 1-6 I would say. In the littler playground, the whole set is protected so that there are no places where a child can fall through. The slides are made for them to do on their own. And, parents can walk around the entire set without having to climb up themselves. The larger of the two has a few slides that are twisty and high, however, again, they offer nice protection for the preschool age child. I felt very safe letting my two year old son have free reign on both while watching from below.

The park is well-kept and the patrons were considerate. The city of Corona hit this one on the nail! Great park!

Citrus Park

1250 Santana Way
Corona, California 92881

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