Corona, CA: Allegra launches new Advantage Program

Allegra Network has signed its first two agreements through the company's new Advantage Program.

Providing print and sign companies with a new path to improved operating efficiencies, higher earnings and a stronger marketing position within their respective industries, Allegra Network's Advantage Program offers the opportunity to become franchise members through the company's "Allegra Marketing - Print – Mail" and "Signs Now" brands.

Eugene and Paula Montanez of ZAP Printing in Corona, CA, are the first business owners to become Allegra Marketing - Print - Mail franchise members through the Allegra Advantage Program. Co-owners Tom Beaver, Olivia Warner and Bill Collins of Indiana Stamp in Ft. Wayne, IN, are the first owners to join through the Signs Now Advantage Program.

"Joining Allegra Network allows us to expand our company by adding on a sign and graphics division," says Beaver. "We've been in business since 1946, so we’ve seen how the industry has changed and know that becoming a part of the Signs Now Advantage Program will give us the expertise and resources we need for continued growth."

As Advantage program members, the Montanez’s will now be able to take advantage of: insight from the company’s partnership with Profit Mastery, acquisition expertise, access to the Marketing Resource Center, effective turnkey direct & web-based marketing, support system including more than 50 industry-leading support programs, and resale and exit strategy programs.

"The printing industry is continuously changing," said Eugene Montanez. "Whether it's new printing technologies or the industry-wide transition to marketing communication service providers, printing business owners have to be knowledgeable on the ever-changing landscape. Joining Allegra through the Advantage Program gives us the opportunity to focus on growing our business with the support of an entire franchise system to guide us with everything from buying decisions on new equipment to best practices and more."

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